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Genova Diagnostics is committed to educating physicians and providing the medical community with the latest in clinical information.

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As an early adopter of new laboratory science and the first to commercialize several high volume mainstream tests, our dedication to innovation continues to lead us to investigate a variety of new areas to expand our testing base, thereby providing healthcare providers a comprehensive diagnostic menu from which to serve your patients.

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In addition to this web site, Genova sponsors intensive continuing education programs for healthcare practitioners across the nation and world. We are also committed to continuing to provide non-accredited continuing education through educational print materials and online learning modules presented by our Medical Education staff. Ordering clinicians may also schedule a free phone consultation with a member of our medical education staff to review a patient report.

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To begin the process of opening an account with Genova Diagnostics at no expense to you, please complete our Client Information Form. Be sure to attach a copy of your license that shows the expiration date or a copy of a voided prescription pad form.

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