Gut Health Awareness

The Impact of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Gut health plays a key role in overall health and with an estimated 30 million Americans suffering from IBS, Gut Health Awareness is more important than ever.

Digestive complaints can be embarrassing but having important conversations about gut health is critical because help is available for those suffering with chronic and uncomfortable symptoms.

In a study that evaluated 2,256 records of patients suffering from IBS-related symptoms and who had fecal biomarker testing, 82.8% included at least one abnormal value.1 Once abnormal values are identified, targeted treatment and key gut alterations that may resolve symptoms can be put into action so healing can begin.

GI Effects® Stool Profiles looks at the microbiome and analyzes fecal biomarkers for a complete gut health assessment. It is an important diagnostic starting place and a pivotal tool when working to optimize gut heath.

We hope the short video encourages you to raise awareness about gut health…because good health begins in the gut.

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