An Update: Supplementing with the Right Dietary Nutrients

Presented by Thomas G. Guilliams, Ph.D.

The popularity of dietary supplementation continues to grow. It is the foundation of the health-promoting strategies of thousands of healthcare professionals and millions of Americans. Yet, clinicians and patients are routinely faced with an onslaught of confusing, contradictory, over-hyped, and often misleading information about nutrition - especially dietary supplementation.

Are "natural" supplement ingredients always better, or even different, than "synthetics?" Are mineral chelates always a better choice than ionic salts? Are there real differences between various types of fish oils? What are "whole food" supplements and are they really what they claim to be? Are "activated" B-vitamins necessary and superior to other forms of B-vitamins? This webinar will cut through these issues and help answer real-world questions regarding supplementing dietary nutrients within the context of clinical practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Help clinicians understand practical differences between "natural" and "synthetic" vitamin compounds and distinguish when those differences matter clinically
  • Clear up confusion about many marketing terms used to promote vitamins that are often false or misleading
  • Discuss why some bioavailability changes of nutrients (including phytonutrients) alter their efficacy, while others do not

Thomas G. Guilliams, Ph.D.Thomas G. Guilliams, Ph.D.

Thomas G. Guilliams, Ph.D. (Tom) earned his doctorate in molecular immunology from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. For the past two decades, he has spent his time investigating the mechanisms and actions of lifestyle and nutrient-based therapies, and is an expert in the therapeutic uses of dietary supplements. Tom serves as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin- School of Pharmacy and is the VP of Science for Ortho Molecular Products. Since 2014 he has been writing a series of teaching manuals (Road maps) that outline and evaluate the evidence for the principles and protocols that are fundamental to the functional and integrative medical community.

He is the founder and director of the Point Institute, an independent research and publishing organization that facilitates the distribution of his many publications. A frequent guest-speaker, Dr. Guilliams provides training to a variety of health care disciplines in the use of lifestyle and natural medicines. He lives in the woods outside of Stevens Point, Wisconsin with his wife and children.