Unmatched Medical Education Support

Our Medical Affairs Team is dedicated to providing the highest level of medical education to our clinicians. All Genova Diagnostics' account holders can take advantage of access to complimentary one-on-one educational consults.

These consults can help with:

  • Test selection
  • Result interpretation and application
  • Understanding additional testing options that may broaden clinical insight
  • Learning about important biomarkers
  • Questions regarding follow-up testing

Scheduling Request Process

The button below will prompt you to log into your myGDX account. If you are already logged in, you will immediately be directed to the scheduling form.

Please Note:
Medical Education consults are ONLY for clinicians and can be scheduled for up to 30 mins per day.

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Or you can contact our Client Services team at 800.522.4762 and they can help schedule a time for your consult!