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International Testing

Providing innovative clinical laboratory testing around the world.

How it Works

Contact a
Genova Distributor

Find a distributor to work with in your country. They will provide all services, pricing, and logistics for patients to receive testing.

Specimen Collection

Your local distributor will assist with specimen collection and will stabalize and ship specimens to Genova's laboratory for testing.

Access the
Result Report

The distributor will provide result reports when testing is complete. Haven't heard back from the distributor? Email us for assistance.

How to Access Testing
Outside of the United States

Location How to Access Testing
Provider and patient are located outside of the United States

Healthcare providers will work with a Genova distributor to setup testing for their patients. Find a distributor and learn more about international testing below.

Find a Distributor
Provider and patient are located in Europe

Genova's London office will work with healthcare providers to create an account or help patients find a participating physician to perform testing. Visit for more info.

Genova Europe
US provider treating a patient located outside of the United States

We're here to help. Email our international sales team to discuss your options at

Email Us

Find a Distributor

Don't see a distributor in your country? Please contact us for assistance at

Interested in becoming a distributor?

Genova's comprehensive testing is available to healthcare providers around the world through our network of international distributors. If you are interested in making our testing available in your home country, please complete an application. Genova's distributor partners receive:

Educational Training
We offer training materials and consultations with our Medical Affairs team to discuss testing, educate your staff, and interpret test results.

Sales Training
We will work directly with your sales leadership on strategy and product training.

Marketing Support
Genova provides sales sheets, videos, social media, podcasts, and webinar content for your use. We are happy to assist your marketing department with email campaigns and content for promoting Genova's testing on your website.

Your company profile and contact information will be featured on our website.

Become a Distributor


Please contact us to discuss your options for ordering testing. Email our International team at

International clients will need to make shipping arrangements with FedEx®, Purolator®, DHL®, or other similar carrier. If working with an international distributor, please follow the shipping instructions provided in your specimen collection packs or contact the distributor for instructions.

Our Inbound International Commercial Invoice document is included in triplicate in all international specimen collection packs, and also is available for download here. You must use this form to avoid customs delays which could impair specimen viability.