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Interpreting the SIBO Breath Test

October 11, 2018

Introductory SIBO Interpretation

In this module you will learn how to interpret the SIBO breath test. There is a general overview of the SIBO report itself, followed by a case study. This module is appropriate for a practitioner that is new to Genova's SIBO breath test.

Advanced SIBO Interpretation Part 1

This module covers two cases that incorporate testing nuances, such as collecting off schedule, and how to interpret an elevated baseline finding. The patient cases include a patient who has already had SIBO treatment, and another patient who has results from a GI Effects Comprehensive Stool profile with treatment considerations.

Advanced SIBO Interpretation Part 2

This module features two patients who had an initial and a follow up SIBO breath test. Testing nuances are discussed, including collecting off schedule and a poor quality sample. These cases highlight the need to treat the underlying cause when follow up tests do not show improvement.