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Lifestyle Medicine and the Methylome

September 25, 2019


DNA methylation plays a central, potentially lasting, (and heritable) regulatory role in health and disease. Aberrant methylation patterns, resulting in regions of hyper- and hypomethylation, influence the course of most, if not all, chronic disease. In cancer, it is understood that epimutations outpace genetic mutations 10:1. It's also understood that lifestyle factors can profoundly influence epigenetic methylation expression. Integrative and Functional Medicine clinicians, in employing a systems approach to care, are arguably best suited to optimize their patient's genetic expression.

Learning Objectives
  • Review DNA methylation and its importance to aging and healthspan
  • Discuss the wide range of factors that influence methylation status
  • Provide practical assessment and intervention tools to support balanced methylation, including supplements, diet, and lifestyle
  • Learn what's next in assessing the methylome in clinical practice

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