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  • Nutritional Status

Podcast Meets Webinar: The Lab Report on LiveGDX

November 11, 2020


The Lab Report is Genova's fun-filled podcast about all things functional medicine, laboratory testing, and integrative therapeutics. It is cohosted by our Medical Affairs team members Dr. Michael Chapman and Dr. Patti Devers. The show is light-hearted, but also jam-packed with clinical information. The Lab Report has garnered some impressive feedback in the functional medicine space and its fan base continues to grow. From lab testing, to physiology, to interviews with some very high-profile guests, this Genova podcast is perfect for clinicians new to functional medicine or those looking for deeper insight.

This month, The Lab Report visits LiveGDX. The tables are turned as we interview the interviewers. Patti & Michael talk about their favorite moments from the podcast and discuss some fun clinical pearls relating to our flagship products, the NutrEval and GI Effects.

Clinical Pearls
  • Medication and Supplements; Interferences vs. Influences
  • When Biomarker Sensitivity and Specificity are appropriate
  • Culture vs. PCR for Yeast/Mycology Evaluation
  • Functional vs. Direct Nutritional Assessments
  • Urine vs. Blood for Evaluating Toxic Exposures

Additional Resources