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Sportomics, Metabolic Health, and Utilization of Functional Medicine Testing

May 26, 2021


"Sportomics" applies metabolomics to investigate the metabolic effects of physical exercise on individuals. "Sportomics" works to advance knowledge in integrative physiology and the systems biology of movement with a goal to translate markers associated with metabolic challenges of training/competition to similar stresses of disease settings. Recent application of microbiome analysis and metabolomics can help further understanding of metabolic health including the benefit of applying movement to chronic metabolic conditions.

Microbiome analyses of athletes generally confirm beneficial effects of exercise mechanistically through changes in the gut microbiome. Furthermore, recent developments in microbiome research have highlighted lactate's role in exercise performance and metabolism. Lactate metabolism is tightly regulated and recognized by many as a marker of metabolic health. However, the microbiome utilization of lactate in athletes, specifically by Veillonella atypica, is furthering our understanding of systems biology of metabolic health.

Functional medicine testing highlights the changes in exercise metabolomics to guide management and education of patients through movement recommendations.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the use of lactate as a metabolic fitness marker (potential applications of Metabolomix+ to infer areas of education/treatment)
  • Review recent studies about the microbiome lactate production/utilization with example(s) from GI effects