GI Effects FAQs

Will customers need new requisitions for their old kits?
Practitioners with a stock of kits will need to replace the requisition forms and kit instructions, plus add the additional collection materials from the upgrade packet.
What should customers do with their stock of 2100 or 2105 kits?
If practitioners still have stock of 2100 and 2105, kits can be upgraded by ordering the GI Effects Specimen Kit Upgrade.
Will all the GI Effects Profiles be listed on one requisition?
No, there are two requisitions for the profiles:
  • 2200 GI Effects Comprehensive Profile and 2205 Microbial Ecology Profile will appear on one requisition with the billing options
  • 2110 Mycology Profile and 2120 Chemistries Profile will appear on one requisition with the billing options.
What billing options are available for GI Effects Profiles?
  • Bill Healthcare Practitioner Account
  • Bill Medicare
  • Bill Insurance: Bill Contracted Insurance
  • Bill Insurance: EasyPay Program
  • Bill Insurance: PrePay Advantage
  • No Insurance Billing: Prepayment enclosed
Does FedEx pick up the sample?
There are instructions in the GI Effects kits explaining how to schedule a pick up from FedEx; either from the clinician location or the patient location.(domestic only)
What is the GI Effects Turn Around Time (TAT)?
Turn Around Time is 14 to 17 days
How can clients access results?
The results will be available on the Genova Diagnostics website in the myGDX section. Also, printed copies of the reports are mailed the same day; reports are delivered by normal USPS mailing.

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