Benefits of Opening a MYGDX Account

This is your health; manage it your way. Opening an account allows you to access and manage important MYGDX Patient Resource Center features. Some key features are listed below:

Patient Info

Open an account for 24-hour a day access to your personal health information.

Features and Benefits

We'll secure your information and keep it safe.

  • Enter your personal health information one time
  • We'll pre-fill the forms for you after that
  • Create, edit, and change your personal information and password anytime

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Online Payments

We offer a variety of payment options for prepayment of upfront amounts and invoices after your test has been processed.


Make safe, secure prepayments from work, home, or from your phone. We won't charge your credit card until your test results are completed!

To simplify payments further, we've created a new Pay Assist Tool that will determine your payment amount based on a few simple keystrokes. You must create an account and log in to use the Pay Assist Tool.

Features and Benefits

With your MYGDX Patient Resource Center account, you can make the required initial payments or submit payment for our cash pay option.

  • Helps manage your out-of-pocket insurance and no insurance payment amounts
  • Calculate your amount by opening an account to use our Pay Assist Tool
  • We won't charge your card until the lab test is completed

Invoice Payments

Paying invoices has never been easier.

Features and Benefits

Do you have an invoice from us? Enter your billing information and make easy online payments. There's no better way to keep your payments up to date.

  • Enter your billing and payment information
  • Save time; make your payments quickly
  • Pay invoices from your phone, tablet, or desktop

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Medicare and Other Government Programs

Genova Diagnostics is a Medicare-participating provider and submits claims directly to Medicare on behalf of patients. Claims can only be filed for medically necessary services ordered by a healthcare practitioner who is authorized to order and refer laboratory testing, and who has enrolled in the PECOS database.

We also have guidelines related to Medicaid and Tricare that are also located in our Medicare Guidelines.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn about our Medicare FAQs
  • Medicaid, Tricare, or CHAMPUS programs
Medicare Guidelines

My Lab Test Reports

Our safe and secure web-based service allows you to view, download, and print your test results from the convenience of your home.

Features and Benefits

Here you'll find the history of the tests you've taken and the results.

This is your healthcare journey. Be proactive.

  • Review your test results at your convenience*
  • Login and print from anywhere to share your results with other healthcare providers*

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Please Note
* Patient results are posted in the patient reporting tool 10 days after they have been released to your ordering physician.

My Surveys

What you share with us today, will impact how we approach diagnostics tomorrow.


Certain tests have an associated health survey. By completing these important surveys, you are providing information that will be used to help us better understand test results and and improve testing.

Open an Account to Participate and Enjoy:

  • Patient Info – Enter your patient information once, edit whenever you need, and we'll keep it safe.
  • Online Payments – Make convenient payments anytime, anywhere.
  • Lab Test Results – Access new results as soon as they become available and view past results.

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