Gut Immunology

Gut Immunology

The Gut Immunology is a gastrointestinal stool test that evaluates immunological imbalance specific to gastrointestinal tract inflammatory disease activity. Gastrointestinal inflammation is reported through the biomarkers Calprotectin and Eosinophil Protein X.

Calprotectin is the non-invasive gold standard for assessment of gastrointestinal inflammation â¿¿ and as such, is a useful clinical tool for identifying patients who warrant further GI evaluation. Calprotectin is effective in distinguishing Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and gastrointestinal neoplasm.

Eosinophil Protein X reflects IgE-mediated inflammation. Fecal EPX elevations can be associated with several conditions including IBD, IgE-mediated food allergies, parasite or worm infections and collagenous colitis.

Test Type: Stool Test


  • Calprotectin
  • Eosinophil Protein X (EPX)
  • Stool weight


  •  Calprotectin83993  
  •  Eosinophil Protein X (EPX)83520  

Specimen Requirements:  40ml Stool in white top cup (for Add-ons)

Turn Around Time: 

7 Days

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