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How to Order

Create an Account

Qualified healthcare providers can easily apply for a myGDX account and provide any necessary documents online.

Your myGDX Dashboard

Your myGDX dashboard puts test selection and ordering, pricing, order status updates, and results reports at your fingertips.

Specimen Collection

Many specimen collections can be completed at home, making dropship delivery convenient for you and your patients.

A female healthcare provider talks to Genova's medical education staff about their patient's test results.
Provider Support


Our medical education team is here to support you in understanding and applying the clinical insights provided by our testing. Providers with an active myGDX account can take advantage of one-on-one educational consults to discuss:

  • Test selection
  • Results interpretation
  • Additional testing options that may broaden clinical insight
  • Strategies for follow-up testing
Create an Account

EHR & Data Integration

We can help you create a fast, convenient ordering process that works with your practice. Easily upload patient data directly to myGDX or connect your cloud-based electronic health records provider for streamlined ordering and results viewing.

Deliver Critical Patient Data and Insights Directly to Your EHR
  • Results are automatically transmitted to your EHR, allowing for an integrated view of patient lab results at the point of care
  • You and your staff save time and experience a streamlined process
  • Genova result reports can be shared within your practice's patient portal (if utilizing an EHR with this feature)
Request an EHR Integration
A female healthcare provider talks to Genova's medical education staff about their patient's test results.
Educational Resources

Learn at your own pace

Access educational presentations and webinars in our Learning Library or listen in to an episode of Genova's podcast, The Lab Report, while you're on the go. Our educational materials are designed to offer insight into how Genova's testing can be used to identify the root cause of your patient's symptoms.

Visit the Learning Library Listen to The Lab Report podcast


Payment amounts and estimates of out-of-pocket costs are provided on the Fee Schedule accessible from your myGDX dashboard.

Qualified healthcare providers can create an account online. You will need to provide proof of licensing and other documents along with your application.

Visit the Billing Information page for an explanation of our processes.

Most result reports will be available 7-17 days after specimens are received by our lab. Track the status of an order by viewing your Order History.