Account Setup

myGDX is offered exclusively to current direct customers of Genova Diagnostics and those currently working on their behalf in an official capacity. There are no resources in this customer portal that are designed for use by patients, nor do we offer this service to individuals or businesses who are not currently active customers.

If you are visiting this site from outside the United States or Canada, please check our list of international distributors for a distributor in your country.

If you are visiting from the US or Canada and are permitted to order laboratory testing in the state or province in which you do business, and are not currently a customer, please contact us. We'd be very pleased to help you get started.

Health Care Practitioners

Office Staff

I perform clinical or administrative work for a Health Care Practitioner who already orders lab testing from Genova Diagnostics and would like to set up a myGDX Office Account on behalf of one or more practitioners.