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Creating an account is not required
to activate a test or view results.

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Access Testing

Find a qualified healthcare provider to help you with testing and results interpretation or access select products directly through Genova Connect.

How to Order

Activate Your Test

Complete activation by adding details about you and your collection online. Enter the activation number found in your collection pack and follow the steps.

Activate Your Test

Collect Specimens

Follow instructions included with your collection pack carefully. Some collections require advanced planning. Review Test Prep for more information.

View Test Prep

View Results

Access your laboratory results when testing is complete. Be sure to schedule time with your healthcare provider to interpret results and make a plan.

View Results

Preparing for a Test

  • If possible, plan to complete your collection early in the work week and be sure to ship your pack within 24 hours of collection to ensure specimens are viable.
  • Some collection packs contain materials that expire (date is printed on the box label). Plan to collect specimens and return your pack well before the expiration date.
  • Always talk with your healthcare provider about any prescription or over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements you take before performing diagnostic testing.
  • There may be times when your healthcare provider prefers that you stay on a medication or dietary supplement during testing in order to evaluate its effectiveness. The recommendation to discontinue any substance is intended to establish a baseline finding. Genova never recommends that patients discontinue medically necessary medications or supplements in order to complete testing.

Additional Test Prep Info

How to Order

Shop Online

Genova Connect makes it possible for patients to directly request their own lab testing online, with no doctor visit required.

Visit Genova Connect

Find a Doctor

Log in or create a Patient Resource Center account to find a doctor near you to discuss how Genova's testing can help you achieve optimal wellness.

Find a Doctor

Work with your Doctor

We can help share your interest and explain how our testing offers the insights needed to create personalized treatment plans.

Refer a Doctor


Most result reports will be available 7-17 days after being received by our lab. You will receive an email when results are available and can access them online here.

Be sure to schedule time with your healthcare provider to review your results and create a health plan.

Your payment amount and estimates of out-of-pocket costs are provided when you activate your test online after receiving a collection pack.

A selection of Genova's products are available for patients to request directly through Genova Connect.

All other products must be ordered by a healthcare provider with an active myGDX account. Create a patient account and Find a Doctor already utilizing our testing or invite your physician to apply for an account.

Visit the Billing Information page for an explanation of our processes.