IgE Inhalants - Allergy Test

Genova Diagnostics' IgE inhalants is an allergy test which evaluates serum IgE antibody levels region-specific common pollens and environmental inhalants. This is an ideal allergy test for patients with suspected environmental and/or seasonal allergies. Specifically, this allergy test evaluates 14 common environmental inhalants specific to 18 North American geographic regions and Total IgE.

IgE-Mediated Allergies:

  • Immediate onset (within minutes)
  • Circulating half-life of 1-2 days
  • Permanent allergies
  • Stimulates histamine release
  • Allergies include foods, inhalants & molds

NOTE: When ordering the IgE Inhalants allergy test, it will be listed as "Allergy Antibody" on the Order Menu.

Test Type: Blood Test

Analyte List
Alder Tree- IgE
Australian Pine Tree- IgE
Bahia Grass- IgE
Bermuda Grass- IgE
Birch Tree- IgE
Brome Grass- IgE
Canary Grass- IgE
Cat dander- IgE
Cocklebur- IgE
Cockroach- IgE
Common Ragweed- IgE
Cottonwood Tree- IgE
Cultivated Oat Grass- IgE
Dandelion- IgE
Dog dander- IgE
Elm Tree- IgE
English Plantain- IgE
Eucalyptus Tree- IgE
Giant Ragweed- IgE
Johnson Grass- IgE
June Grass (Kentucky Blue)- IgE
Lamb's quarters- IgE
Maple Tree- IgE
Mesquite Tree- IgE
Mite Generic- IgE
Mold Generic- IgE
Mountain Cedar Tree- IgE
Nettle- IgE
Oak Tree- IgE
Olive Tree- IgE
Orchard Grass- IgE
Pecan Tree- IgE
Perennial Rye Grass- IgE
Red Top- IgE
Rough Marsh Elder- IgE
Rough Pigweed- IgE
Russian Thistle- IgE
Scale- IgE
Sweet Vernal Grass- IgE
Timothy Grass- IgE
Total IgE
Walnut Tree- IgE
Western Ragweed- IgE
White Mulberry Tree- IgE
CPT Codes  
Alder Tree- IgE 86003
Australian Pine Tree- IgE 86003
Bahia Grass- IgE 86003
Bermuda Grass- IgE 86003
Birch Tree- IgE 86003
Brome Grass- IgE 86003
Canary Grass- IgE 86003
Cat dander- IgE 86003
Cocklebur- IgE 86003
Cockroach- IgE 86003
Common Ragweed- IgE 86003
Cottonwood Tree- IgE 86003
Cultivated Oat Grass- IgE 86003
Dandelion- IgE 86003
Dog dander- IgE 86003
Elm Tree- IgE 86003
English Plantain- IgE 86003
Eucalyptus Tree- IgE 86003
Giant Ragweed- IgE 86003
Johnson Grass- IgE 86003
June Grass (Kentucky Blue)- IgE 86003
Lamb's quarters- IgE 86003
Maple Tree- IgE 86003
Mesquite Tree- IgE 86003
Mite Generic- IgE 86003
Mold Generic- IgE 86003
Mountain Cedar Tree- IgE 86003
Nettle- IgE 86003
Oak Tree- IgE 86003
Olive Tree- IgE 86003
Orchard Grass- IgE 86003
Pecan Tree- IgE 86003
Perennial Rye Grass- IgE 86003
Red Top- IgE 86003
Rough Marsh Elder- IgE 86003
Rough Pigweed- IgE 86003
Russian Thistle- IgE 86003
Scale- IgE 86003
Sweet Vernal Grass- IgE 86003
Timothy Grass- IgE 86003
Total IgE 82785
Walnut Tree- IgE 86003
Western Ragweed- IgE 86003
White Mulberry Tree- IgE 86003
Specimen Requirements
3ml serum in transfer tube (frozen)