Important Updates to NutrEval®

Redesigned NutrEval kitWe've Updated and Simplified the Collection Process for the NutrEval®

Updated blood collection and processing steps will be implemented for our NutrEval. To facilitate this update, we have designed a new NutrEval kit. The label shown here will notify the phlebotomist of the revised test components and instructions. The link below provides further details of the specimen matrix updates.

When you see the reminder label, simply follow the collection process instructions included within the labeled kit.

If you DO NOT see the update reminder label on your Elemental Analysis kit, follow the collection process included within that test kit.

Please reference our NutrEval Collection Crosswalk explaining the specimen collection and processing changes.

If you have questions regarding this change or what it means for your patients, please contact us at +44 (0)20 8336 7750 to speak with one of our Client Services Representatives.