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Specialty Testing

Gain insight into potential disease risks.

Benefits of Specialty Testing

Health Optimisation and Disease Prevention

Knowing disease predispositions can help tailor treatment or preventive protocols.

Assesses Risk

The severity of findings can guide treatment aggressiveness.

Comprehensive Panels

A panel provides more information about a patient's overall status.

Specialty Testing

Healthcare providers can access our full test menu when ordering through their myGDX account.

DetoxiGenomic Profile #5001  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Cardio Check #3702  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions  |  Support Guide

A-la-Carte SNP GSTP1 (I104V + A113V) #5101

A-la-Carte SNP COMT (V158M) #5102

A-la-Carte SNP SOD2 (A16V) #5103

A-la-Carte SNP TNFA #5106

A-la-Carte SNP VDR #5109

A-la-Carte SNP MTHFR (C677T) #5110

A-la-Carte SNP MTHFR Combined (A1298C + C677T)

A-la-Carte SNP APO E (C112R + R158C) #5112