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Immune Function

Discover the underlying triggers of your body's reactions and sensitivities.

Finding the Root Cause

Genova uses blood testing to detect hundreds of food and environmental allergies (IgE) and sensitivities (IgG). There are multiple ways the body can react including IBS, headaches, autoimmune disease, skin and joint issues, and others. Removing triggers often resolves symptoms.

Additionally, the Coeliac Profile is available for patients with signs of malabsorption and GI complaints.

Allergies vs. Sensitivities

What is the difference between
IgE and IgG-mediated reactions?

IgE-Mediated Allergies IgG-Mediated Sensitivities
Foods, moulds, Inhalants Foods, Spices, Vegetarian Foods
Immediate onset (minutes to hours) Delayed onset (hours to days)
Circulating half-life of 1-2 days Circulating half-life of 21 days
Permanent allergies Temporary sensitivities
Stimulates histamine release Activates complement
Does not stimulate histamine release
Hives, stuffy or itchy nose, sneezing, itchy, teary eyes, vomiting, stomach cramps or diarrhea, angioedema or swelling, shortness of breath or wheezing, anaphylaxis Gastrointestinal symptoms, headaches, joint aches, rashes, other vague symptoms

Ordering the Profile

The Immune Function panels can be ordered as stand-alone profiles or ordered together with other profiles. Clinicians will often order several smaller profiles together in order to see a more complete picture of a patient's immune-mediated response. Profiles that can be ordered together include:

Profile Includes
IgG Foods 87 foods plus total IgE
IgG Vegetarian 21 foods plus total IgE
IgG Spices 24 spices plus total IgE
IgE Foods 19 foods plus total IgE
IgE Moulds 15 moulds plus total IgE
IgE Inhalants 25 inhalants specific to the UK plus total IgE
Coeliac Profile Total IgA, tTG IgA, tTG IgG, DGP IgA, DGP IgG and EMA IgA

Immune Function Testing

Healthcare providers can access our full test menu when ordering through their myGDX account.

Coeliac Profile #1018  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Food Sensitivity+ (Combined Assessment)  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

IgE Food Antibodies #1000  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

IgG Food Antibodies #1001  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

IgG Food Antibodies Bloodspot #1019  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

IgG Vegetarian #1002  |  Sample Report  | Instructions

IgE Inhalants #1003  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

IgE Moulds #1004  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

IgG Spices #1005  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Secretory Immunoglobulin A (sIgA)  #1026  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions