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Genova Diagnostics welcomes you to link from your site to ours. Because we manage our business affiliates program very carefully, we cannot guarantee that we will establish a reciprocal link to your site. If you choose to establish a link from your site to the, you must agree to the following conditions:

  1. You agree to link to the site using the graphic supplied on this page, accompanied by the text "Genova Diagnostics ", or "". If you wish to use our educational materials on your site, you agree to NOT copy and paste Genova Diagnostics materials on to your own site. Instead, you should provide textual links, in addition to the graphic link as described below, on your site to the appropriate materials on

    We insist on this method in order to control the timeliness and accuracy of our educational materials. We're always working to improve our website and we update our materials regularly so that you have access to the most current and clinically relevant information available. By establishing only links to our site, instead of copying and pasting materials, we can better ensure that you are providing the latest information about Genova Diagnostics to your web site users.

  2. You agree not to modify or deface the link graphic supplied on this page and its accompanying HTML code in any way. You must use the logo as it appears here. Do not change the proportions, recolor, crop or alter them in any way.

    GDX Logo

Logo Usage Guidelines

Display the logo high on the page layout. Use the logo to precede information rather than using the logo to terminate information. Do not surround the Genova Diagnostics logo with any type of border.

Linking Methods

You can link back to using the image on our site with this HTML code:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Genova Diagnostics"></a>

Or, you can save the image on your site and refer to it with:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Genova Diagnostics"></a> 

How to Save These Images

This depends on your platform. On a PC, right click on the image and choose, "Save Picture/Image As". For Macintosh OS X, depress the control key and click on the image and choose "Save Image to Desktop ".

Additional Marks

The GDX symbol is a trademark of Genova Diagnostics