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Nutritional Status

Fine tune your diet to improve health and optimize metabolic flexibility.

Advanced Nutritional Assessments

Our nutritional testing assesses multiple important biochemical pathways including methylation, cellular energy and mitochondrial function, detoxification, oxidative damage, neurotransmitter metabolism, amino acid and fatty acid metabolism, and even bacterial and yeast metabolism. Nutrients are required as cofactors in these biochemical pathways in order to function efficiently. Since everyone's biochemical makeup is different, assessing these pathways can provide individualized nutrient needs for each patient.

The NutrEval is our most comprehensive nutritional profile. The Metabolomix+ is a very similar profile, designed to be an at-home collection for patient convenience.

Benefits of Nutritional Testing

Health Optimization and
Disease Prevention

Patients interested in fine-tuning their wellness program, or athletes looking to optimize their performance benefit from testing.

Underlying Causes of
Chronic Conditions

Most disease processes begin years before seeing symptoms. Heart disease, diabetes, depression, fatigue and other conditions can result from nutritional deficiencies and insufficiencies.


Diet, medications, gut health, and various disease states contribute to nutrient inadequacies. Testing tells you precisely which nutrients are needed for each individual.

Finding the root cause of chronic issues.
actionable data

Easy to Understand
Result Reports

Our rigorous testing analyzes biomarkers and combines results using an algorithm that considers the complex interrelation of a patient's individual chemistry.

Reports offer personalized recommendations based on each patients complex biochemistry.

Nutritional Status Reports Feature:
  • Dynamic biochemical pathway charts
  • Suggested personalized supplement schedule which provides recommendations for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, digestive support, and amino acids
  • An Interpretation At-A-Glance provides valuable information about the function of nutrients, causes and complications of their deficiencies, and their dietary sources

Nutritional Status Testing

Healthcare providers can access our full test menu when ordering through their myGDX account.

Amino Acids Analysis, Urine #3500  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Amino Acids Analysis, Plasma #3501  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Comprehensive Urine Elements Profile #3527  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Elemental Analysis #3528  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis #3508  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis Bloodspot #3540  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Fatty15 Cellular Strength Test  #3543 | Sample Report | Instructions

Metabolomix+ #3200 | Sample Report | Instructions

Methylation Panel #3534 | Sample Report | Instructions

Methylation Genomics #3542 | Sample Report | Instructions

NutrEval FMV #3000 | Sample Report | Patient Instructions | Provider Instructions

NutrEval Plasma #3001 | Sample Report | Patient Instructions | Provider Instructions

Organix #3301  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Oxidative Stress 2.0 #3601  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Toxic Element Clearance Profile #3529  |  Sample Report  |  Instructions

Vitamin D #3517  |  Sample Report