Adrenal - Thyroid Profile

Adrenal evaluation is commonly considered for patients with fatigue and a host of other complaints resulting from a history of chronic psychological or physiological stress. However adrenal evaluation is also vital for treating patients with hypothyroidism, due to the close interaction of these endocrinal systems.

Urinary T3 levels are a sensitive measure of the active thryoid hormone which can give an accurate reflection of overall thyroid hormone levels.

To help evaluate these intricately-linked areas, we have developed the Adrenal-Thyroid Profile. This consists of the Adrenal Stress Profile, (salivary cortisol and DHEA), as well as urinary T3 levels.

Analyte List
T3 (urine)
Specimen Requirements
4 x saliva samples, 1 x urine sample (24 hr)