Oestrogen Metabolism Plus FMV/24Hr

This test provides a comprehensive analysis of urinary oestrogen metabolites that correlate with breast and prostate cancer risk, including 2-hydroxy, 4-hydroxy and 16-alpha-hydroxy oestrogens, and their methylated byproducts. This provides valuable information about oestrogen-related diseases, such as breast cancer and prostate disease risk.

Test Type: Urine Test

Analyte List
16 alpha-hydroxyestrone
2 - Hydroxyestrone
2 - Methoxyestrone
2 hydroxy : 16 alpha hydroxy-estrone Ratio
2-Methoxyestrone : 2-Hydroxyestrone Ratio
4 - Hydroxyestrone
4 - Methoxyestrone
Specimen Requirements
1 x urine sample