The GI Effects® Decision Guide

The concise at-your-fingertips resource for interpreting GI Effects test results.

GI Effects Decision Guide

The GI Effects Decision Guide is a practical distillation of the detailed information found in Genova's complete GI Effects Support Guide.

This guide goes beyond description of biomarkers and offers clinical decision points related to specific areas of concern that are flagged on reports.

Download: 220 KB ─ PDF

Divided into Two Broad Sections, the Decision Guide Provides:

  • A color-coded summary of the Four Functional Pillars:
    • 1 - Infection
    • 2 - Inflammation
    • 3 - Insufficiency
    • 4 - Imbalance
    • Displays each potential graphic icon which may appear on the report
    • Provides a handy reference chart for all biomarkers that inform each Functional Pillar

  • A brief review of the significance of the Diversity Association and Relative Abundance graphics
  • A detailed tour of the Four Functional Pillars and their biomarkers:
    • Summaries of potential causes of abnormal results in each Functional Pillar
    • Therapeutic considerations presented in decision-tree format

  • Includes the Microbiota Clinical Association table for Commensal Bacteria

The GI Effects Decision Guide is a convenient ready-reference tool to support the therapeutic decision-making process for patients with complex gut-related conditions.

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