Cathy Morris, BS

Cathy Morris - Clinical Evidence Assistant

Clinical Evidence Assistant

Cathy Morris, BS, earned her degree in Biology/pre-med from Emory University and the University of Texas at Austin. She also did some graduate work in environmental and occupational health. She worked as a Research Specialist at Emory University Medical School, then took on the position of Information Specialist for the Gwinnett County Public Library System for the next 19 years.

She joined Metametrix in 2003 to put their physical and electronic library together and eventually became their Librarian/Research Support person. In this capacity, she supported the Education Department with literature searches, data analysis, library maintenance, book production, etc.

Cathy is now the Clinical Evidence Assistant with Genova Diagnostics and continues to use her information finding skills to support the evidence papers behind Genova Diagnostics testing.

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