Terry Pollock, MS

Terry Pollock - Medical Education Specialist

Medical Education Specialist

Terry Pollock, MS, earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology/Life sciences from NC State University and her Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition from East Carolina University.

Prior to joining Metametrix in 1992 as their first Clinical Consultant, Ms. Pollock was Curator of Education for the NC Aquarium and a research associate in Metabolic Disease via a National Institutes of Health grant at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She was an editorial reviewer for Alternative Medicine Review for 15 years.

In 2000, Ms. Pollock began a 6-year term teaching in university and elementary settings and consulting in private practice. Returning to Metametrix in 2006 as a Medical Education Specialist, Ms. Pollock regularly gives presentations to clinicians worldwide on metabolic testing for chronic disease and advocating knowledge on the healing properties of natural systems.

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