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Susan Blum, MD

Arthritis: Taming the Flame by Treating Oxidative Stress
by Susan Blum, MD

Jan 24, 2018 60.00 4.8mb

Oxidative Stress is believed to contribute to the development of osteoarthritis and can fuel joint inflammation and damage. Oxidative stress occurs when there are insufficient antioxidants to counter cell and tissue…

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Michelle Maddux, ND

The GI Effects Advanced Interpretation – Digging Deeper
by Michelle Maddux, ND

Dec 20, 2017 60.58 6.1mb

Stool testing has become a cornerstone of functional medicine evaluations. Many systemic health conditions often begin as imbalances in the gut. The GI Effects® Comprehensive Stool Profile is a broad assessment…

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Christine Stubbe, ND, FABNO

Updated Guidelines for Assessing and Treating SIBO
by Christine Stubbe, ND, FABNO

Nov 15, 2017 59.49 3.8mb

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO, is a condition in which the small bowel is colonized by microbes normally found in the large intestine. This common gastrointestinal disorder is characterized by…

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Doreen Saltiel, MD, FACC

Advancing Patient Management: The Role of Genetics in Cardiovascular Disease
by Doreen Saltiel, MD, FACC

Oct 25, 2017 61.23 5.8mb

Cardiovascular disease is an inflammatory disease necessitating a multidisciplinary approach. In addition to evaluating standard cardiovascular risk factors (diabetes/insulin resistance, obesity, hypertension…

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Thomas Guilliams, PhD

Supporting Gut Barrier Function
by Thomas Guilliams, PhD

Sep 27, 2017 61.23 5.8mb

While there is much discussion about "Leaky Gut Syndrome" within the integrative medical community, there is less knowledge about the fundamentals of the gut barrier and how the microbiome and immune system…

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Rebecca Hunton, MD

GI Effects in Clinical Practice: Focusing on the Gut
by Rebecca Hunton, MD

Aug 23, 2017 61.23 5.8mb

Gastrointestinal (GI) health is a cornerstone of overall health. Guided with clinical cases, the webinar will highlight the benefits of utilizing GI assessment in clinical practice, with a focus on autoimmune and fatigue cases…

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Filomena Trindade, MD MPH

Estrogen Metabolism: Are We Assessing It Properly?
by Filomena Trindade, MD MPH

Jul 26, 2017 61.23 9.0mb

Are you doing all you can to assess your patient's individual risk for a hormone-related cancer, such as breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men? Estrogen-metabolism assessment should be an essential…

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Warren Brown, ND

Specialty Diagnostics for Men's Health: Going Beyond the PSA
by Warren Brown, ND

Jun 28, 2017 61.23 4.3mb

The US Preventive Services Task Force now recommends against prostate-specific antigen (PSA)-based screening for prostate cancer, citing potential for "overdiagnosis." This development highlights the benefits…

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Melanie Dorion, AGNP

HPA-Axis Dysfunction in Obesity
by Melanie Dorion, AGNP

May 24, 2017 60.45 4.6mb

Obesity is a multifaceted disease and requires a comprehensive approach for successful management. Diet, lifestyle, and insulin/glucose metabolism are commonly the focus of treatment. Often overlooked, however…

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Aviva Romm, MD

The Adrenal Thyroid Connection: What's Your Body Trying to Tell You?
by Aviva Romm, MD

Apr 26, 2017 60.45 4.6mb

Women struggling with any chronic illness naturally want the fastest route to wellness, and that's what practitioners want to provide. Whether for ourselves or our clients, we need to take a deep look at what…

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Felice Gersh, MD

New Paradigms in Understanding PCOS: Impact of the Microbiome
by Felice Gersh, MD

Mar 22, 2017 60.08 4.7mb

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition with enormous impact upon the lives of affected young women, is the most common female endocrine dysfunction during the reproductive years. However, PCOS remains…

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Mima Geere, MD, MS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & The Human Gut Microbiome
by Mima Geere, MD, MS

Feb 24, 2017 52.28 7.1mb

The care and management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be frustrating for both patients as well as providers. Up to 40% of all gastroenterology visits and referrals are due to IBS symptoms, with over…

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Deanna Minich, PhD

Diet and Lifestyle Strategies for Detoxification SNPs
by Deanna Minich, PhD

Feb 1, 2017 57.06 8.5mb

This presentation will take detoxification to the next level of science and clinical application. You will learn how to apply your patient detoxigenomic SNP results into a personalized plan encompassing diet and…

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Michael Chapman, ND

The Lifestyle Factor: Utilizing Testing to Encourage Behavior Change
by Michael Chapman, ND

Dec 21, 2016 59.59 10.9mb

Lifestyle and behavioral interventions are often key components of clinical treatment strategies, but at times are the most challenging for patients to implement. Laboratory testing can aid clinicians in designing…

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Susan Blum, MD, FABNO

Sequential Stool Testing to Monitor Progress in People with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
by Susan Blum, MD

Nov 16, 2016 57.43 5.1mb

In the past decade, it has become clear that gut microbial dysbiosis and increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut) can be foundational triggers for the onset of inflammatory arthritis such as RA. There is also…

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Kathy O'Neil-Smith, MD

Using the Elimination Diet in Clinical Practice
by Kathy O'Neil-Smith, MD

Oct 26, 2016 59.59 7.1mb

Using an effective case-study approach, Dr. Kathleen O'Neil-Smith presents a detailed discussion of IgG/IgE testing and the application of therapeutic treatment plans. Dr. O'Neil-Smith will demonstrate how to use…

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Stephen Olmstead, MD

Modulating the Gut Microbiome & The Role of Probiotics & Prebiotics
by Stephen Olmstead, MD

Sep 28, 2016 62.48 4.8mb

The human intestinal microbiota functions as an organ and is critical for immune and gastrointestinal system maturation, colonization resistance, modulation of immune responses, and nutritional needs. A balanced…

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Melanie Dorion, NP

Weight Management: Hormonal Imbalance and Nutritional Insufficiencies
by Melanie Dorion, NP

Aug 24, 2016 57.01 5.8mb

Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980. In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight; of these, over 600 million were obese. In the U.S. alone, more than one-third of adults (78.6 million) are…

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Aviva Romm, MD

The Stress Response, Women's Health and The Role of Adaptogens
by Aviva Romm, MD

Jul 27, 2016 55.56 7.4mb

A good night's sleep, while fundamental to maintaining health, is not sufficient to prevent the ill effects of the sustained physical and psychological stress that many of our women patients face. The frequent…

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Ellen Antoine, DO, FACEP, ABIHM, IFMCP

The Steroidogenic Pathway: Understanding What Influences Each Step
by Ellen Antoine, DO, FACEP, ABIHM, IFMCP

Jun 22, 2016 60.36 7.0mb

Hormonal imbalances affect a wide range of body systems, producing symptoms that negatively impact the quality of life and lead to significant health concerns. Many people are caught in the vicious cycle of hormonal…

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Pamela W. Smith, MD, MPH, MS

Case Studies in Management of the Menopausal Patient
by Pamela W. Smith, MD, MPH, MS

May 25, 2016 56.45 6.2mb

Case history presentations are effective in illustrating the process of applying therapeutic ranges in treatment. In this webinar, Dr Pamela W. Smith will review case histories to assist the clinician in better…

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Susan Blum, MD

Immune Health and Nutritional Testing
by Susan Blum, MD

Apr 27, 2016 60.19 8.3mb

Immune dysfunction and inflammation are some of the primary driving forces behind complex, chronic disease and are often the root cause for patient symptoms. Common triggers include environmental toxins, intestinal…

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Deanna Minich, PhD

Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice – Genes, Food and Specialty Diagnostics
by Deanna Minich, PhD

Mar 23, 2016 58.00 5.3mb

The human genome is comprised of approximately 3 billion base pairs of DNA. Many people mistakenly assume that the presence of a certain gene or single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) means they are destined to experience…

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Jamie Wright, DO, MS

Sick and Tired, and on Fire – Nutrition and Inflammation
by Jamie Wright, DO, MS

Mar 22, 2016 58.15 8.2mb

Fifty percent of Americans have at least one chronic disease, and it is estimated that 75% of healthcare costs go toward management of these diseases. Cellular and metabolic dysfunctions inherent to the pathophysiology…

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Marion Owen, MD

Nutritional Status and Hormone Balance
by Marion Owen, MD

Jan 27, 2016 56.16 7.3mb

Nutritional status and the ability to adequately detoxify are critical components in understanding how to evaluate and support hormone levels. The body relies on key nutrients and pathways to maintain hormone balance…

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