How Nutritional Deficiencies Affect Detox


Our planet is becoming toxic. Due to a lack of regulations, the US allows many chemicals and environmental exposures to enter every aspect of our lives, from Wi-Fi to beauty products.1,2,3 Not surprisingly, the rise in environmental toxins parallels a rise in chronic disease. Toxins contribute to chronic complex illnesses, creating a crucial need for proper detoxification.4,5 Many factors contribute to proper detoxification, including optimal nutrient levels.

Chronically ill patients often have nutritional deficiencies which impair their ability to properly detox. This presentation will review critical steps in our detox pathways and the nutritional needs required for proper detox function, with a focus on glutathione conjugation, methylation, and sulfation.


  • Understand the interrelationships of toxins and nutritional deficiencies
  • Review detox pathways, focusing on glutathione conjugation, methylation and sulfation
  • Understand functional nutritional testing
  • Apply nutritional therapies to support detox physiology

Melanie Dorion, MSN, AGNP-BCAviva Romm, MD

Melanie Dorion is a Nurse Practitioner founder and CEO of Pentad Integrative Health and co-founder of 2Thriving. She practices in Charlottesville, VA, focusing on environmentally acquired illnesses including persistent Lyme disease and co-infections, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, mold illness and mast cell activation syndrome. Melanie is also a weight management specialist and applies an integrative approach to help successful weight loss. Her approach is integrative and grounded in nursing, Functional and Naturopathic medicine philosophies. She studied Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Washington before doing her Nurse Practitioner degree at Seattle University. She has received advanced training in obesity management, nutrition, exercise science and genetics. Her speaking engagements include Genova Diagnostics, A4M, Biohealth Congress FIM, and is a regular speaker at Mary Baldwin University in addition to leading health workshops in Virginia.