NutrEval®& ION®: Case-Based Interpretation for the Athletic Patient


The difference between winning and losing in collegiate and professional levels of competitive sports often comes down to milliseconds or millimeters. Some experts believe that improvement in nutrition accounts for as much as three-fourths of the improvements in performance, in a well-trained athlete. Yet, a large number of athletes lack nutritional knowledge and often seek information about nutrition and dietary supplements from unqualified sources.

The NutrEval and ION Profiles allow clinicians to easily identify and target metabolic inefficiencies by assessing amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin status, nutrient elements, antioxidant needs, and oxidative stress. In addition, several biomarkers in these tests are suggestive of dysfunction in other body systems. The abundance of actionable information provided within these profiles make them excellent clinical tools in the care of the athletic patient.

In this one-hour, case-based webinar, the clinician will learn how to use the NutrEval to assess the nutritional status of the athletic patient. Important links between the NutrEval and other Genova profiles will also be addressed.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify concepts that connect nutritional assessments and stool testing results
  • Interpret and apply laboratory results
  • Discuss strategies that are helpful in treatment plan creation
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Warren Brown, NDWarren Brown, ND

Dr. Brown earned his doctorate degree from The School of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. He then went on to complete an 18-month clinical residency program in Tacoma, Washington. Dr. Brown has also completed additional coursework in functional medicine and has spoken at functional and integrative medicine conferences across the United States on the topic of laboratory testing.

In his work with Genova's Medical Affairs department, Dr. Brown enjoys consulting with practitioners from all medical disciplines and providing the support needed to help improve clinical outcomes. In his private practice, Dr. Brown helps athletes and active individuals to reach their highest levels of health and performance through his advanced clinical approach.

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