Helping You Adapt in this Changing Healthcare Climate

We understand that some medical offices have adjusted policies and procedures or shifted to additional telemedicine approaches. Our laboratories remain open and fully operational for all testing business. We are able to support these operations in a number of ways during this difficult time.

What specimen collections can a patient collect at home?

We have many non-invasive urine, saliva, and stool collection packs that can be shipped directly to your patient for specimen collection at home, reducing in-person interactions. (Physicians may choose those tests that are medically necessary, and therefore not a full profile if it is not indicated)


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How do I dropship collection packs to patients?

Drop shipping a collection pack to patients is a simple process that can be completed in a few short steps once logging into myGDX.

Click on 'Order and Register Tests' from your myGDX dashboard:

Next, choose 'SHIP TO PATIENT':

How are test results accessed?

The myGDX client portal offers access to test results for you and your staff while the Patient Resource Center is available for your patients.

Online learning and educational resources are available to support with interpretation and patient follow-up. These materials can be found here or directly on the product pages.

Our team of Medical Education Specialists can assist with test interpretation, choosing the right test for your patient, and can discuss treatment considerations. A Medical Education phone consultation can be scheduled in 2 ways:

  1. Client Services
  2. Online scheduling

We will continue our mission at Genova Diagnostics to support healthcare providers in the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic disease. We feel privileged to serve you and will continue to support you and your patients.

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